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Book a Spiritual Counseling Session

An integral and transpersonal approach to Spiritual counseling & coaching.

Service Description

My counseling and coaching practice integrates Jungian psychology, Eastern spiritual wisdom traditions, Jesuit contemplative spirituality, and grief theories and practices. My approach is about holding space for individuals to explore their spirituality and discover ways to raise their consciousness. I help individuals search for ways to engage with their spirituality in the world so that they can show up more fully/authentically in all their relationships. Areas of focus: As a Spiritual practitioner, I help individuals who are leaving religion due to harm, spiritual challenges and transformations, and how to step into Engaged Spirituality. As a Thanatologist, I help counsel and coach individuals experiencing death anxiety and grief, including anticipatory grief, disenfranchised grief, and ambiguous and non-death losses. * All sessions are on Zoom, once the session is booked and confirmed, I will email you a link to our Zoom meeting. * Sliding Scale Pricing: With sliding scale pricing, clients pay what they feel comfortable paying based on their financial means.

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