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Transpersonal Counseling & Coaching

Spiritual Renegades

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ABOUT My Approach

Paul Miner a transpersonal counselor and thanatologist

Paul accompanies his clients on the path to a rich interior life rather than primarily focusing on external events or relationships. Typically people seek counseling to focus on external realities, such as relationships, jobs, or life events and the conflicts that occur on that level. However, Paul works with his clients to focus on their interior life and the inner conflicts or experiences within oneself that then impact one's outer reality whether that be a relationship or a career, etc.

Paul's style of counseling and coaching fosters a restorative and expansive space, while maintaining the view that people are essentially good -- on a spiritual level we have a Divine spark within us. Paul doesn't try to "fix" people or situations, but rather he helps his clients cultivate deeper awareness and equanimity in their lives. He does this by helping individuals shift from a problem-oriented consciousness to a solution-oriented consciousness.

As an Integral & Transpersonal Counselor, Paul co-creates with his clients a space for deep inner work of the psyche (soul). Paul is also a Thanatologist so he brings his training in death, dying, and bereavement to his counseling and coaching practice to assist his clients in their grief and death anxiety. Paul integrates Jungian, Existential, and Yoga Psychologies to assist his clients discover dynamic pathways of working with their ego during their individuation process, a life-long process of becoming integrated and whole. This is not about becoming perfect, but rather a journey of deepening and expanding one's awareness within and without.


Paul has deep insights from his own life experiences in the transformative aspects of liminal spaces, transitional or threshold periods in life, where one is betwixt and between an old and emerging period in life. Transitional times can be very difficult and rather uncomfortable periods in life; however, it is in these liminal spaces where the "magic" happens and where significant growth can occur.


Topics and Areas of Expertise:

- Grief companionship

- Death anxiety

- Post-Traumatic Growth/Transformation

- Spiritual bypassing 

- Spirituality beyond religion

- Religious harm/trauma 

- Life transitions/Discernment Process

Therapeutic approach(es):

- Jungian Psychology: Dreamwork & Shadow work

- Existential Psychology

- Yoga Psychology 

- Trauma-Informed 

- Nondual wisdom

- Meditation

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My Services

  • 30 minute free consultation to explore how we might work together and ...

    30 min

  • 1-on-1 meditation instruction, coaching, guidance and support

    30 min

    $15-$25 per session
  • A holistic approach to therapy with an emphasis on spirituality and hi...

    50 min

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